House Cleaning in Franklin, TN

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Here at Angel Maids, we do things differently. You purchase a “Block of Time” and your “Angel(s)” clean as many of your priorities as they can in the time purchased. Everyone’s needs are different, so this allows you the flexibility to customize your cleaning to what you need done the most. Any normal household chores you assign and there are NO EXTRA FEES!!!!

We offer Regular and One-Time cleanings, CONTRACT FREE! Our goal is to be your permanent cleaning service. Our fee provides all cleaning supplies and equipment.

What areas of the home do we clean?


Is Tipping my Angel allowed?2021-12-17T05:31:21+00:00

Yes of course! Tipping is not expected but the Angel’s greatly appreciate them.

What forms of payment does your company accept?2021-12-17T05:31:21+00:00

We gladly accept personal checks as well as Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. All clients must pay as per clean. Please leave your check in plain sight for your Angel to pick up or call in your credit card before your clean begins.

How do you keep your prices so competitive?2021-12-17T05:31:21+00:00

No Franchise Fees! We are a locally owned and operated carpet cleaning service

How can I get the most out of my block of time?2021-12-17T05:31:21+00:00

Alternate floors with each clean._x000D_
1st time clean ONLY the main level of home – 2nd time clean ONLY second level of home._x000D_
Have your “Angel” clean only the heavily used rooms in your home.

How much time should I purchase?2021-12-17T05:31:21+00:00

You may purchase a minimum of 3 work hours and use them as you wish.  It is best to call and speak with someone at our office, and using the information you provide, we can help you estimate how much time may be needed.

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